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Regarding the reason why Greece is so pro-Palestinian. Palestinians are seen as weak underdogs which has struck a cord in Greece. As I said, Yasser Arafat was an ultra friend of Greece back in the day. Many of the Greek “anarchists” have been wearing palestinian scarfs for quite a while now, to such a degree that it has become part of their identity.

To a very large degree, the support for Palestinians was fed by the Greek left which sees itself as a champion of underdogs everywhere. Of course… that is not to say they did not support Serbia during the Kosovo conflict. Probably the bleakest page in recent Greek history.

Apropos…the recent fall out between Turkey and Israel has created a newly vacant niche for Greek-Israeli relationships. The Greek far-right has of course the “natural” anti-semitic tendencies, but it is rather comedic how the far-right is now doing whatever it can to convince the prime-minister to hasten signing deals with Israel.

Regarding the overall nature of recent Greek history. During its short existence Greece has managed to expand itself considerably, and was fortuitously on the right side during WWII. I say fortuitously because there was a dictatorship at the time. He could have chosen as he wished, and I can tell you that he had quite a bit of sympathy for Mussolini. It is always funny to me how out teachers would try to convince us that the Greeks said "NO" to Italy. It is not as if they voted... Nevertheless, Greeks did their share during WWII.

On the other hand, Greece experienced a humiliating defeat by Turkey at the very end of the 19th century (we never learn about that at school), and later after trying to play an ill-advised expansionist game deep in Turkey the plan seriously backfired resulting in the loss of Asia Minor, the post-WWII civil war robbed Greece of its brightest minds, and there was a 7 year junta in the end of the 60s until the mid 70s. The Cyprus issue is of course the most shameful part of all of this with no end in sight.

Thankfuly... Greece is now a democratic country without a royal family and a rather vibrant press that is extremely critical of the government without fear of prosecution.

Now... if there would be a separation of church and state...