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I find in my dotage that I have very little tolerance of or interest any more in TV dramas. The reason is that they are so damned predictable and/or repetitive. No matter how good the acting (and some of it is very good indeed) if the plot doesn't hold my attention I am going to get bored quickly.

The most recent example for me is How To Get Away With Murder. When I signed up for Netflix I decided to try it out. I watched the first episode, and between the obvious plot directions and the teasers, I groaned and thought that I knew pretty much where it was going. Not in the details, but in the general arc. The main suspense points were: who was going to be killed; and who was the killer going to be. Added possible interest if the homicide was accidental or justified, or if it was really murder. I found I didn't care about any of those things. Maybe it was because so many of the main characters seemed a little too stock.

Other series like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos I simply wasn't interested in watching for the same reason I never watched The Godfather - I am not interested in watching shows that glorify bad people, even a little bit. I don't care what other people watch, but those kinds of shows turn me off.

Then there is scheduling. If the great dramas are on at 10 pm and there is nothing I want to watch between 7 and 10 (which happens all too often), I am unlikely to sit around waiting for the good stuff.

I find I do ok with sitcoms if they are well-written, because they are much less about the story arc than they are about the (to be hoped for) witty banter.

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