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Originally Posted by Trinopus View Post
Another thought: I don't want to follow a show where you have to see every episode. I like shows with stand-alone eps. Father Brown, Murder in Paradise, Miss Fisher, that Canadian chap (one of the handsomest men I've ever seen!) Murdoch Mysteries!

I'm not at all interested in mega-serials like GoT or the like, because I just don't want to dedicate myself to the plot. Give me something bite-sized, not a seven-course meal.

(However, I readily recognize that there are people who LOVE that kind of thing! I know several people of that type, who absolutely DOTE on deep, complex, intricate, detailed story arcs. One good friend is also very fond of daytime soap operas, for the same reason.)
That definitely makes things tougher for you... fairly few of the "best" recent shows have primarily standalone episodes.

There are some shows which are basically miniseries... so instead of following a plot for all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad, you just need to follow it for 8 or 10 episodes... for instance, the afore-mentioned Fargo, or Band of Brothers.

Black Mirror, which is more or less a modern version of The Twilight Zone, is all standalone mini-movies.

Other shows such as Sherlock or Firefly are largely standalone, but with small amounts of connective plot-line which show up more in some episodes than others.