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Originally Posted by Les Espaces Du Sommeil View Post
The bolded part would be me. I don't watch (modern) TV shows, and very few movies because I have other, much more important (to me) priorities.
My Catch-22 is that I'm generally not willing to watch a brand new show (or simply unaware of it). But the time it gets to be a phenomenon with a big following, we're usually into Season Two and now I don't feel like I have 13+ hours to spend catching up. Worse is that we only have one 'real' TV and my wife is usually occupying that so if it's not a show she's likely to be interested in, I'm even less likely to try it. So I never get around it and the backlog grows and grows until now it's 60+ hours I'd have to commit and I just resign myself to never doing it.

Only recent show to break this mold was Mad Men which released its Season One set when I had a rare slow period and my wife was immediately hooked on it so we made it through S1 and started watching it on Sundays as it aired. Plus the weekly threads here made it enjoyable to watch and discuss the following day.

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