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Originally Posted by Les Espaces Du Sommeil View Post
I suppose that you're a fan of comic book/superhero movies. If that's a case, you may be a bit to close to the subject to judge its general appeal objectively. A couple of months ago, I started a thread on piano concertos. The list included only works that are considered standard repertoire and have been recorded dozens of times over decades by the greatest pianists of the 20th century. I thought that folks here would be familiar with all, or at least most, of them. How naďve. To my astonishment, several dopers confessed that they knew none of the works in the list. Some only had a vague idea of a couple of them. Now, the reason for this was simple: I didn't realize that these works are basic knowledge to me, and the people who, not only enjoy, but actually spend hours each week listening to classical music. So, in my opinion, there's no way you could possibly mix up a Mozart concerto with one by Bartók. But for some people, it's just snotty piano music with bleeping instruments in the background and for most, something they just aren't interested in enough to pay attention.
Hmmm... I'm a fan of classical music in general (my favorite work is Mahler's 2nd Symphony), so I've certainly been on the side of being irritated by people who outright state their lack of interest in classical music as a genre.

That said, I don't think it's an entirely fair comparison, although I don't think I expressed myself very well in the OP, and have been trying to clarify my position.

I think what I'm getting at is people whose description of what they dislike seems overbroad. Continuing to use "superhero movies" as an example, suppose someone saw both Iron Man and The Avengers, and didn't care for either of them. Hey, I loved both those movies, but they didn't. Cool. More power to them. I'm certainly not going to keep pestering them to give Thor or Captain America a try, or even the more-dissimilar Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, if they didn't like those two movies, and then proclaim that they don't like "movies based on comic books" or "movies with superheros", I will take issue with that, because not all movies based on comic books have anything to do with superheros at all (Persepolis, anyone?), and not all movies (or shows) that involve superheros are anything similar to the mixture of action and humor and sfx and the occasional character moment that define Iron Man and The Avengers.

That said, it's also the case that there is a near-infinity of media out there to consume, and if they want to say they don't like superhero movies, it's not like anyone has some moral obligation to poke and prod and experiment until we find precisely the actual boundary of what they do like. If it turns out they would have enjoyed Jessica Jones or V for Vendetta if they'd given it a chance, it's not like that's a catastrophe.