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why can't I donate blood with Hep b antibodies?

Eleven years ago, much to my surprise, I got a letter from the local blood donation drive informing me I was never going to be able to donate blood again, because hep B surface Antibodies were detected in some blood I had given. They said that sometime during my life (I'm freakin' 62, fer cri yi) I had had contact with hep B. I was negative for hep B surface antigens, negative for hep C antibodies. They said that there is a concern that I might have also been exposed to other hepatitis viruses that they cannot test for. OK. 11 years have passed. Can someone in the Doper community tell me if I'm ok to donate again? This was one of my favorite societal obligations, along with voting, and that, as it turns out, isn't very satisfying anymore. Are there better Hepatitis tests now? Am I considered safer now? What's the straight dope on this? Thanks. xo C.