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Here is a quote from the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) Technical Manual (the Bible for blood transfusion related stuff)

After initial HBV infection, a proportion of patients fail to clear infectious virus from the bloodstream and become chronic carriers for years or life. HBV carriers produce, in addition to the infectious viral particle, large amounts of noninfectious envelope protein detected by the assay for hepatits B surface antigens (HBsAg). The risk of becoming an HBsAg carrier is strongly age-dependent. Of those infected with HBV as adults, about 5% become chronic HBsAg carriers, while 95% recover completely and develop protective antibody against HBsAg.
So, theoretically, even if you WERE a carrier, it SHOULD STILL be detectable. But in blood banking, this is an unnecessary risk when we can find other donors with much less possibility of HBsAg in their bloodstream.

You should be reassured about the steps taken to keep the blood supply safe!