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Personal story (maybe TMI)

I am on the Indefinatly(sp?) Deferred Donors list and I did not even get my blood tested.

About 6 years ago, I got mono and had elevated liver enzymes in my urine. I had gone to the doctor because of the color (kind of a strained tea look) and he sent me to the hospital to get an ultra sound on my gall bladder. When he called the hospital to let them I was coming, he mentioned Hepatitis and I freaked. I did not perform any behavior that could have exposed me(that I knew of) and he informed me that was a catch all term for problems with the liver(hence the dicoloration).

After sitting for 2 hours, the ER doctor told me I had mono.

Fast forward 5 years later, I was going to donate blood and they asked if I have Hepatitis. I told them the story above and was informed that the way the rules are written, I could not donate blood now or ever, until the rules changed.