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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
It was a compromise the larger states were free to reject. That they didn’t is no evidence of extortion. If the people want more power then vote to start partitioning some of the larger states.
If the original colonies that were asked to join in the union in order to prevent them from reverting back to British rule had been grandfathered in with equal representation, leaving new states to be given representation based on their population, are you saying that Wyoming would have balked at becoming a state?

Originally Posted by mikecurtis View Post
And in the House we have the opposite problem. States like Ca (and NY and IL) can dictate what happens inside a state like UT. Why should the citizens of L.A. have more say about what happens in Bears Ears, fer instance, than the people who actually live in UT? If it wasn't for equal representation in the Senate there would be NO interstate highways in HI. Why would I, as a citizen of Chicago ever vote to approve spending my taxes on bridges in the middle of nowhere MT?
The citizens of LA should have a say over what happens in Bears Ears for the same reason that MT expects the people of Chicago to pay taxes towards building a bridge in the middle of nowhere.

A bridge in nowhere MT is still an asset to the nation, it still can easily be made the case that it should be built and paid for. Instead, the case does not need to be made, as a senator with massively disproportionate power can make his few voters happy at the expense of millions of others.
And while I realize that its not a perfect analogy; octopus' point is apt. China has 5x the population of USA. Should the Chinese get 5x the voting power in the UN?
The UN has very little to no control over the working of sovereign nations, unlike the federal government's power over the states. If the UN had the same power over countries as the federal govt has over states, China would certainly not join, and I don't think that you would be happy that Lithuania has the same voice as the US.

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