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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
But the argument failed. People voted in favor of the Constitution and it was enacted. And when it was, we ceased to be thirteen separate states and became one country.

People who opposed this (mostly politicians who held offices in state governments) began back-pedaling and claimed that the arguments that they had just been making were wrong; they now tried to claim that the Constitution and that the states were just as sovereign now as they had been. But its impossible to agree with their new line of arguments when they were the ones who had been claiming otherwise. The reality is that state sovereignty was put to a vote and it lost.

I'll also point out that the Constitution was not a contract between states. It was not submitted to the state governments for their ratification. It was a contract between "We, the People" and it was ratified by a series of popular votes.
Are you claiming that there is no such thing as dual sovereignty? I think this layer cake federalism is pretty well established, but if you think otherwise I'd be interested in understanding your position.