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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Ok, but I'm still not seeing why this makes it a special case that the people who support the government need to be called out if they aren't in the military.
Because it's incredibly important that we as a country avoid stupid wars of choice in the future, and I think this is a societal tool that could help dissuade people from advocating for stupid, unnecessary wars.

That's because it wasn't a was a logical progression of your position. You didn't bring it up, but that's because you don't seem to want to think through what it means or where it goes. This is where it would lead, and it's not a good place. If you think war is mainly about 'the wealthy and powerful at the expense and to the detriment of the poor and powerless', how much more would that be if only a military (elite) are able to comment on it, positively or negatively, or be called cowards? Or if you wanted to support the US in something it's doing, you'd immediately have to join up or be called a coward? Seriously, this is exactly where what you are advocating would lead.
This is expressly in conflict with what I advocate for. If fewer people are advocating for war (especially for stupid, unnecessary wars), then there will be less political support for stupid, unnecessary wars, and thus these stupid and unnecessary wars will be less likely to happen.
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