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The question is how many airfields exist where a plane that size could land safely. Bonus points if the plane being able to take off again isn't that important. Did a quick Google earlier today and the short version is that the Boeing 777 needs around 3,000-6,000 feet of stopping distance to land (depending on weather, runway conditions, weight of the plane, etc. etc. etc.) If any of those places have large aircraft hangers where the plane could quickly be hidden from sight, it'd be pretty much impossible to find if nobody not in on the secret saw it land.

For comparison, the Class A Airfields, built for the RAF during WWII, included runways of a minimum length of 6,000 feet, and some more googling suggests that a minimum landing roll of 3,000 feet was common for the Boeing B-17 (much smaller than the 777, I can only assume the 777 has much more effective brakes).

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