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Originally Posted by aruvqan View Post
Couldn't you land one on a large enough hunk of flat grassland? If you didn't feel the need to be able to fly it again and all you wanted were the passengers for whatever reason. Fly it north to some steppes/tundra, land it and cover it with camo netting while hauling the passengers away [or Bataan death marching them] somewhere to hold them.

Or film the next season of Lost .... could go either way. Maybe .... Aliens!
Most dedicated runways for heavy aircraft operations will have runway surfaces between 10 inches and 4 feet thick (including the rock that gets laid down underneath the pavement to act as a foundation). Granted, a lot of that is due to the repeated wear-and-tear that a major airport might have, so grassland might work once if you don't mind the risk of hitting a pothole at a few hundred miles an hour.