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Originally Posted by buddha_david View Post
No, it's down in the ocean somewhere. And the ocean is freaking HUGE. Seriously, look at a map of the U.S.A. and then imagine trying to find an airplane parked on the ground somewhere, with no city lights or geographical features to guide you. And then look at the size of the Indian Ocean. And remember, at this point, you're not even looking for a plane anymore, but only floating pieces or an oil slick or other tell-tale signs of what the water swallowed. Chances are, unless we get extremely lucky, Malaysia 370 will never be found.
Since the US Navy is involved and they have access to the most advanced sonar gear on the planet, the plane will eventually be found.

However, depending upon the depth where the plane is located, it may be unrecoverable unless someone with deep pockets decides to bring together the necessary assets to retrieve it or at least enough of it to determine why the crash may have occurred. Unfortunately, Malaysian Air doesn't seem to be that party and the Chinese government may have to foot the bill.