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Update: Gibson has published their list for the Top 50 Guitar Albums of All Time.

As I have stated many times on the 'Dope, I place no weight on lists like this other than they are fun to discuss. I will make one comment: Listing John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers Featuring Eric Clapton (aka, "the Beano album") at #36 pretty much invalidates the list for me, especially with Van Halen at #1. Just like VH launched Eruption, whammy bar acrobatics, heavily modded parts-o-guitars, the Brown sound, etc. - Beano launched Hideaway, a Les Paul through a Marshall and all the tone that that implies, use of thinner-gauged strings to get easier bends, etc. Beano *was* VH for its generation 15 years earlier and just as influential. For them to be rated so far apart...nah, doesn't work.