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Originally Posted by TPWombat View Post
John Candy would have been a superb Sergeant Colon.
I dunno, Candy had great personal charisma and stature. Colon's probably the easiest role to fill; any comfortably doughy actor who could be tapped to play a stereotypical Irish cop would do the trick. Or go the other way and capitalize on Colon's freewheeling with facts when talking to Nobby and hire John Ratzenberger.

Though to be honest, if the series is portraying the events of Night Watch specifically, Colon's pretty young for most of it.

For Vimes/Keel, I think in the end they'll need a British actor who looks more like Peter Falk than anything, but I've always liked Nathan Fillion for him. Especially lately, he's begun to show signs of aging comfortably.

On preview:

I think Brendan Fraser is about the best you could possibly do for Carrot, too.

Michael Hogan is far too old. Vimes is in his 30s as of Night Watch, early 40s at latest.

Jeremy Irons is utterly perfect for Vetinari.

Nick Frost would work well for a young Colon, absolutely. Of course, then you'd have to squeeze Simon Pegg in somewhere, which I wouldn't mind at all. Coates, possibly?

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