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Originally Posted by JcWoman View Post
Okay, I'm making a big assumption. But it's based on his tenure at this company, and his mid-level title. I don't see how he could have been promoted to the level he is if he really was this bag of rocks stupid.

I understand you may have trouble understanding some things (don't we all?). But do you get all sullen about it? You should have seen him slouching sideways in his chair during this meeting and drawling/whining his questions. Like a scolded 10-year old. Just thinking of myself, when I am ignorant, I am interested in being educated. Therefore my posture is upright and attentive, and my tone of voice is inquiring.
Yes, I get all sullen about it sometimes. When you spend your whole life feeling really stupid because your coworkers call you things like "bag of rocks stupid" you start to feel actually stupid, even if you aren't and you've spent plenty of time trying to "be educated" and it still doesn't work.

Having a cognitive disability can have an enormous effect on your social and emotional life too, due to the frustration, feeling like a failure, inability to connect with other people and keep up with conversations, etc.

I'm not saying that's the issue here. I certainly can't go diagnosing him. But I am saying you probably can't rule it out either.

As for being promoted, he might be really really good at certain things but not others that require a certain kind of cognitive ability. He may have suddenly hit a wall because of a new challenge in his job that he hadn't confronted before. It happens to the best of us.

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