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The OP's question is a very good one, is there really a high value document that you can steal and then launder ?

No there is not.

The USA government did issue true "bearer bonds", that could be claimed by the bearer instantly in many cities in the USA, without question as to why the bearer was holding it, the bank would only verify it wasn't stolen , counterfeit or already surrendered. At various times the bearer bond was issued with no record of the original recipient, but in all cases the claiming of the bearer bond was recorded ; this means anyone considering purchasing a bearer bond , or accepting them as payment, had to consider the chance of it being a fake or stolen document they were receiving ?

In any other cases, such as private bank bearer bonds and in other countries, , there is no law that the "or bearer" part was respected, basically it just allowed for someone who wasn't the recipient to claim them, but the claim didn't have to be honoured, and clearly the bank took steps to authenticate the bearer bond before paying out, which depends on the value and circumstances, but for the OP's case of very very high value, they'd do it very very surely.

Actually the OP's been mislead by that news article.

1. The bearer bonds were only ever going to be paid out to the proper owner
2. they were not even real in the wild bearer bonds, they were already surrended and thus invalid bearer bonds. Other articles state that the person robbed was the issuing bank's employee, so in fact the financial instruments, whatever they were, had already been surrended, and were thus totally valueless. The mugger also got blank receipts, But the proper owner of the value of the bonds already had their receipt for the surrender of the bonds !

The only man charged was charged with fraud - which was because he tried to sell the papers he had as having a high value, when in fact he would of course surrender them himself if he had any chance of being able to claim that value.