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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
The fact that Stanford, one of the most competitive universities in the country with an applicant acceptance rate of under 5%, admitted this guy as a student in the first place is a reflection on them.
EVERY top school lowers their standards for athletes, legacies, and underrepresented minorities. Stanford might do it a little bit more than Yale but its a matter of degree.

Of course, it's also a reflection on the alumni and other fans who prioritize sports success over academic achievement to the extent of incentivizing the admission of very mediocre students who happen to be good athletes.
Olympic level athletes generally get some consideration for that achievement. However much of a scumbag this guy may be, he is a highly accomplished scumbag.

Giving a preference to high achievers in any area is justifiable. giving preferences to people were born with a particular skin color but has no other socioeconomic disadvantage is a bit harder to justify. Giving preferences to people who chose their parents wisely is almost impossible to justify.