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Yes there are many numbers I've seen from the actual tax returns and nothing adds up. And yes I will keep this all a "hypothetical" scenario as to not incriminate anyone as these are not "serous accusations" but "serious infractions". It's not like there's $100M moving through this 'corporation' - but there is obviously "over $200k" so I'm sure even though this is not a "big fish" there still could be trouble if this is discovered - "I'd Think" .....

We are not in a state where there are gambling legally in the establishments so I don't think that's a factor here - however - I think it always raises eyebrows when there is a cash run business (primarily) and no payroll basically - yet there are so many checks wrote to cash and who does one even prove where that went ? (obviously everyone knows that only "One" person does not work so that sort of diffuses the "one person on the payroll" idea) - so all the other employees get cash (hence all the checks to cash) - but anyway ya I'm thinking there could be in this "hypothetical situation" that there is some definite money laundering going on.