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Originally Posted by Boozahol Squid, P.I. View Post
I don't know how universal this is, but in my state, liquor that is sold through bars is taxed at a much higher rate than what you can buy at a liquor store. A bottle of Jim Beam that I could pick up at $12 at an ABC store actually costs a bar $21. A bottle usually only pours about 15 drinks using a 1.5oz jigger, not 20.

This theoretical bar would have to be running close to $50 a shot for rail liquor to make up that kind of margin. Your mileage might vary based on locale, or shorting drinks, but not that much.
Well, I only know Colorado but your number seem way off from what we do here. The feds charge $13.50/ proof gallon and Colorado charges $0.6026/ proof liter and most bars buy the booze by the liter for their well booze is as opposed to the 750ml that most people buy. So well booze tax here would be $2.83 for the feds and $0.48 for the state those excise taxes are included to the purchase price for the bars. Skol vodka and rum is currently selling the major accounts for $7/liter. So taxes are about 3.31 of that 7. There are 33.8 oz per liter so at perfect 1.5 oz pours you actually get 22 pours per bottle so I was being conservative. I'm not sure how a bar could function with the costs you're talking about

On a more personal level my distillery sells our well rum for $12/750 ml to our major account and we are on the absolute top of the well market in Colorado and are advertised as a premium well.
Even with our premium rum that costs $28/750 ml bars are charging $6/shot and they get 16 shots per bottle so they are doing $96/$28 spent but that is not what they do volume in.