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Originally Posted by Oredigger77 View Post
Well, I only know Colorado but your number seem way off from what we do here. The feds charge $13.50/ proof gallon and Colorado charges $0.6026/ proof liter and most bars buy the booze by the liter for their well booze is as opposed to the 750ml that most people buy. So well booze tax here would be $2.83 for the feds and $0.48 for the state those excise taxes are included to the purchase price for the bars. Skol vodka and rum is currently selling the major accounts for $7/liter. So taxes are about 3.31 of that 7. There are 33.8 oz per liter so at perfect 1.5 oz pours you actually get 22 pours per bottle so I was being conservative. I'm not sure how a bar could function with the costs you're talking about
I'm in North Carolina, which likely has much less public pressure than Colorado to keep booze cheap. A bit of Googling (I'm no longer in the bar business, so don't have access to a better source) finds that NC's $12.30 per gallon retail excise tax is one of the highest in the nation. There's an additional $3.75 per bottle tax applied for service at a bar.

That being said, a fifth (your standard size bottle at a bar in my neck of the woods. Perhaps you mountain folk prefer larger bottles?) is much less than a liter: there's only about 25oz in a fifth.

Most importantly, I'm fascinated by how relatively cheap liquor is for bars outside of my home state. They must either be a license to print money or people just don't go out as much.