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Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
Wow, I'm pushing for 60 for the first time this run, am currently on zone 45, have already bought the recommended 17 Wormholes, and already have 1 Coordination I'm behind on, needing 15.2K more space for. Hard to imagine getting to 50 without buying several more Wormholes. Should I have waited for a subsequent run when I had more Carpentry? I currently have Carpentry level 10.
Wow, I've only got 8 Carpentry. I did make it to z48 before when I had even fewer though. You'll have to let me know how it's going for you since I'm planning on pushing to z60 too.

I'll hit z37 a little later today and I'll have to decide whether to go all in with Wormholes. Since I'm doing a Balance challenge at the same time I don't mind spending on Wormholes if it gets me to z60.