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How much of "business" is really money laundering?

I'm putting this in here because I'm not looking for a factual answer.

Background: I am not a business owner, I am an employee. Nobody in my family is a business owner, so I don't have any real life exposure to what that actually entails.

The question is inspired by a couple of thing. One is the stories of Trump investigations related to, and his documented history of paying fines, for money laundering. Second, once long ago I was casually conversing with someone about "how do all these little shops and restaurants and dry cleaners and what-have-you stay in business? They look like nobody is ever in there?" My friend replied, "Lots of them are just fronts for money laundering."

Now certainly, this was just 2 people BS'ing about nothing, but what he said always stuck with me. How much of what we pass on the street is really not the business that we think it is? How much is really there to provide a front for money flowing elseways, and they just need a set of books to pass it through?

I'm not expecting that anyone has real statistics. Instead, I would like to hear from the SDMB community about what they know about this subject from real life. Of course, I don't expect anyone to "name names", just anecdotal information and stories. Because it's something I know next to nothing about.

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