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Originally Posted by Ann Hedonia View Post
Iíve never had any problem getting through to a live person when I have an Amazon issue. They have all been well-informed and empowered to offer help such as refunds and account credits. And they have all been fluent in American English. Usually I request that they call me and the callback always comes within a few seconds. Sometime I just donít feel like talking so I use the text-based chat. But this is one of the things that has always differentiated Amazon from the other large companies I do business with.
My main problem and time buster was just finding a number where I could talk to a live person. At one time, Amazon didn't even have their number listed, it's still like trying to find a needle in a haystack on their site. Scam artists are fully away of this, so when others opt to try to find their number through search engines, they can be miss-led to bogus sites.

Current wait time was 48 minutes when I just checked on this site. It says average time is generally 19 minutes, which isn't bad at all if one can get out that quick.

Amazon's legit number: 1-888-280-4331.