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As someone without Prime, I just logged on and looked at what was there.

1) When looking at the item, above the "add to cart" button, there's a checkmark that says " Try Amazon Prime and start saving today with FREE Two-Day Shipping." I leave that unchecked and hit "add to cart."

2) I (sometimes) get a big pop-up that says "do you want to try Amazon Prime and get free two day shipping?"

3) Once in cart, the delivery options are: "FREE two-day shipping with a free trial of Amazon Prime" "4-5 business days $5.99" "2 business days $11.29" etc.

I suppose OP can complain about the whole "free trial that automatically renews at cost" thing that all companies do, but as far as accidentally signing up, I think OP needs to get their vision checked. (At least, this is on desktop - might look different on mobile?)

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