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As of now, we have 15 people in the league from last year. There are 3 people who are definitely leaving this year, and two people we haven't heard from - poopiusdickimus and not sure (brickbacon). It's getting pretty late for them to sign up, but I don't have a way to contact either of them except for e-mail, and I've sent invites to them multiple times.

I did start an SDMB fantasy recruitment thread, but the SDMB isn't as big as it used to be nor is there as much fantasy interest as there was a decade ago.

So I'm going to open the door for you guys to invite off-board friends to play this year if you think you'd have any friends interested. Ideally they'd sign up for SDMB accounts to participate in the thread, but not strictly necesary as long as they can attend the draft and will play out the year. The draft is planned for Wednesday, Sep 5 at 8pm eastern, which is our traditional relative drafting time.