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Originally Posted by Ann Hedonia View Post
Iíve never had any problem getting through to a live person when I have an Amazon issue. They have all been well-informed and empowered to offer help such as refunds and account credits. And they have all been fluent in American English. Usually I request that they call me and the callback always comes within a few seconds. Sometime I just donít feel like talking so I use the text-based chat. But this is one of the things that has always differentiated Amazon from the other large companies I do business with.
I've noticed a difference between what person, or type of person, gets what type of help. I've seen IIRC a cNet page about this confirming my suspicions. Amazon has a customer rating system and if you score high from demographics (location, education, member of good standing, few returns) you get top tier support, and usually instant corrections to your favor, others get less levels of customer service.