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I'm (mumble mumble) over 60, retired, still in fair health, but don't have much of a life any more. I have put on a lot of weight from medications and, well, eating and sitting around. I never liked wearing jeans even when I was young and slim. I didn't have the body shape, had to cut a lot of the leg off for my short stocky legs, and they just hurt when I wore them, all my life. Now I have a fairly good looking dark pair of spandex type pants that look like denim if you don't look too close, that I reserve for wearing out of the house. To a party, walking in the mall, out to a restaurant. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and often a flannel shirt or dressy denim or cotton shirt/blouse to wear as a little jacket. I look neat, clean, put together, and I have absolutely nobody to impress, so I will be as comfortable as possible. In the house, I wear comfy capris, sweatpants (straight leg, not bunched at the ankle) or leggings in neutral colors and camisoles, t-shirts, or sweatshirts according to the temperature. In hot weather, I have several cotton sundresses I buy from catalogs, with little coordinating 'shrugs' or short sleeved blouses to cover up a bit. I never wear t-shirts and shorts, I am now too short and squat and look like a walking Spongebob Squarepants. Yeah, you all wait till YOU get older and thicker, no one is going to be looking at you anyway, and you will find running out to get gas, to the bank, or in for a coffee, sweatpants or polyester pants are a fine option. Who are you to judge people for comfortable clothing, anyway? They may have medical problems, have distressing lives with no time to gussy up, or opportunities to go out dressed to kill, wining and dining. .... (Like that makeup commercial with that ancient model who is like 100 years old, who says 'they say after a certain age, you give up. I wonder what age that is'? And she still looks 100 years old, plastered with makeup or not. Sure, she's idle and rich as fuck, pampered and catered to all her life, still a size 2. Woot. I bet SHE doesn't take care of a sick husband, a grown kid recovering from a horrible accident, or parents with dementia living 20 miles away. Throwing on the elastic waist pants and a coordinating top is the way to go sometimes. ) . I haven't 'given up' so much as adjusted to the realities!

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