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I work in a very conservative industry in an office that is mostly young males with a smattering of mostly (frumpy) middle aged women. I'm a middle age woman but I sure as hack am not, and will always resist being, frumpy. I don't wear anything fancy, and certainly not expensive, but fashion is kind of a hobby for me. And frankly, I love when people compliment me on my style (at least that's ONE thing I have going for me )

One sour faced beotch, who has thankfully since retired, said to me "who are you all dressed up for?". She was in IT and so wore jeans every day. On the one hand she couldn't conceive of why I'd bother to dress up for work since "no one sees" me. Yet, she always had elaborate (read "tacky"0 manicures/ pedicures and glitzy sandals.

Sorry, the OP asked specifically about dressing one's age. Kind of hard to say since to people of the exact same age chronologically can be very different ages in their soul.
I guess it comes down to some people can pull off some looks while others can't.

Also, for my middle aged sistren, even if your legs have always been your best feature, wearing the shortest skirt possible will not detract from your giant midsection. This is a good example of not dressing one's age.