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This bothered me a bit as well, at first. But I thought of an explanation/fanwank for it: Tony's snap did not kill the people who were "dusted", but rather, that "dusting" was them being returned to their own time with no memories of what happens in the future. Even though the effect looked the same, it was in actuality different. After all, Tony Stark is not a killer like Thanos, and he is smart enough to understand not to cause time paradoxes.

I don't understand why so many people think Gamora is back. I thought that the last scene with the Guardians, which has Quill looking at a screen that is searching for Gamora and not finding her, was a clear indication that she was dusted with everyone else Thanos brought from 2014 (whatever the dusting meant - if my explanation is correct, than that works out well).
I like that - this 'dusting' is as much resetting history (go back to where you belong) - but I think that we're supposed to view it as something more - and it doesn't matter either way - as the loop is closed and we win - but its not a reset.

re: Gamora - we're not sure if Quill is mourning (knowing she's gone) or hunting/searching. If nothing else - it shows that even with this reset, there are still people directly impacted by the 'dusting' and the events themselves will have lingering affects. The entire business with returning the soulstone 'at the exact moment' is really even harder to grok with what happens to Nat and/or Gamora.

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