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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
Yes, this is the problem with the 'Holzhauer is great for ratings' theory----he's great for ratings for the first ten minutes of the game, only. Once he has that high-dollar dominance, there's no suspense left.

It would be interesting to know if the Jeopardy! production people get ratings based on how long people stay tuned in, once they start watching. If ad buyers catch on that viewership is dropping sharply in the last half of every show, they will balk at paying full-price rates.
Do you have any facts to back this up? Everything Iíve read says the ratings are through the roof. Personally, Iím much more interested in the second half of the show. Thatís when the other contestants have the best chance at overtaking James. They are more used to the buzzer, the dollar amounts are higher and There are more chances for DDs.

As Gus Gusterson pointed out, as soon as another contestant is ballsy enough bet big at the right time, coinciding with bad luck for James it could be a horse race.