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Originally Posted by iamthewalrus(:3= View Post
The simplest way would be that you can ring in at any time before the light turns on, and everyone who does has an equal chance of getting to answer the question first.
Equal chance as in by random draw? I'd hate to be responsible for a computer program tasked with generating the random numbers, as any such set will contain suspiciously long streaks after an arbitrary amount of time. "Returning champ was 'randomly' selected every time that game. FIX!"

They could do it old-school with dice or something, but that would slow things down too much.

Could you alternate it, somehow? Like all three pre-buzz, first tiebreaker goes to A (champ), all three pre-buzz again so this time it goes to B. Next time C, then back to A, etc...

It gets more complicated when only two people buzz in, but I think it could hold together.

Originally Posted by terentii View Post
Some people need to hear the clue being read before they buzz in. I know I would. No way would I take a chance that I just might give the correct response after seeing it in print for a split second. I need more time to make sure I understand the clue and can frame the correct response.
No, not after a split second. His suggestion would mean all you have to do is buzz in a split second faster than they're allowing you to now. That's still early. Everyone early gets an equal shot at winning the buzzer for that question.