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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post

That said I do not see what "feminism" has to do with this.
Easy. They see it as men invading one of the rare women space and stealing their accomplishments. In fact, it's mentioned in the article linking to by the OP, I believe.

Or maybe I should rather write "preventing women from achieving anything". Radical feminists have a very adversarial view of gender relationships (not just strictly radical feminists, in fact. You can see this adversarial view of gender relations in action for instance in the current thread about touching coworkers, where a certain number of posters immediately assume that the only reason a man could have to touch a woman would be asserting control and power on this woman. They don't just suspect that the man could have nefarious intentions, they assume this as default). So, they tend to perceive men as permanently trying to oppress women. And to assume that the motivation (not just the result) of a man's action is to oppress them (consciously or unconsciously). So, in this case it can go beyond the suspicion that a man who can't compete as man will pretend to be a woman so that he will get a medal, incidentally depriving a woman from it, motivated by egoistical self-interest, to the assumption that the man will pretend to be a woman *in order* to deprive actual women from a medal (again, not necessarily perfectly consciously), motivated by a desire to oppress women and put them back at their subordinate place.

Look for instance at the arguments used against the participation of transwomen in feminist events. You'll easily notice that it goes beyond the idea that transwomen aren't really women and have no place there. The idea is that they're men trying to deprive women from power *even within the feminist movement* and to gain control of this movement. They're not just wrong in thinking they're women, they're actively, sneakily, trying to oppress women.
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