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LOL. When I wrote

But they did trade for a guy who pouted his way out of $80 million, ran from his coach, and decided he couldn't carry on the legacies of George Gervin, David Robinson, and Tim Duncan. Good luck with that.
... does this not strike you as me saying the dipshit was disloyal, just in 30 words instead of 1?

Note that I didn't remark as to the Toronto end of the deal where they absolutely lied to DeRozan, saying he was their guy. But that was "disloyal" too. If you're going to trade the guy, tell him. Don't lie to him and don't @ me with the "it's a business" bs, because you can conduct business without lying about it.

But the reason why I didn't remark about Toronto? Because I didn't give a shit about Toronto. It's that simple.

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