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Originally Posted by storyteller0910 View Post
Fearless prediction: the Raptors will not lose any game in this series where Pascal Siakam scores 30+ points.

I don't see anything to indicate that Toronto's win last night was a fluke. Marc Gasol is really, really good at basketball; the downgrade from Gasol to Serge Ibaka was really dramatic. If Siakam is on his game like he was last night, I'd say the Toronto rotation is just flat out better than the Warriors rotation right now, even if (if) the Warriors have the best player on the court. Put Durant back in the lineup, even in a limited form, and it changes the calculus... but not enough for this to be a walkover. I'd still pick the Warriors, but I wouldn't bet any money on it.
I'm not sure Durant's presence alone would be enough, though. The Raptors would sniff out right away whether or not Durant is really ready go end to end for considerable minutes. The Raptors are different from the teams that the Warriors swept aside in the Western Conference. They're going to play more half court ball, which is when the Warriors really need Durant, but he can't be just a decoy. He will need to be productive.