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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
Could it just be a simple correction? That's what I would assume. I'm guessing somebody typed in 159289 and hit the "00" button instinctively, realized their error, then corrected it with the minus cash amount before charging your VISA. Or something like that.
I'm guessing something along those lines.
A common mistake on a cash register: The total is 19.50, you hand the cashier a 20 dollar bill and they type on $200.00, it's just one extra zero, but it shows the change as $180.50 instead of $0.50.
I've told many of my cashiers over the years that that doesn't matter. The register expects $19.50 and you put $19.50 in it. The main reason you enter the amount they give you is so it can do the math for you and tell you how much to give them as change. As long as you properly did the math in your head, it's fine.

If it makes you feel any better, you could certainly call them about it. We get people doing that here from time to time, for nearly the exact same reason.

In your case, the total was 1592.89, the entered 159,289.00 for the amount you gave them and it told them to hand you 157,696.11 as change. The math works, it was a mistake. I don't see a way for them to steal anything.
If they wanted to steal money, there's better ways to do it that won't show up in a place that may cause a customer to call about it.