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Originally Posted by kventr View Post
I thought that the fooler act of the last episode (Rabby Yang) was the least impressive of the day.

Thing is Alyson is never really changing the structure of the cube, he just told her to turn it around as she wishes, so there are literally just six possibilities which he of course knows by heart because he himself has prearranged the cube. So the only thing he needs is some kind of a gyroscope, or whatever the name is for the device which keeps track of an orientation using sheer gravity, and some electronic means to get this information. He only needs to know which of the six sides is facing up at the moment.

I think it would be enough for Penn to mention "the gravity of the situation" or something like that to let the guy know he didn't fool them.
This is a great catch. I totally misunderstood (and maybe that confuses most spectators) - I understood she was asked to manipulate the faces, not just rotate the cube. That really limits the impressiveness.

Still, skill or not, I didn't find this trick to actually be very entertaining in terms of performance regardless of the magic.