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Originally Posted by TheHYPO View Post
There's absolutely no way it's this. There is zero way to tell what she will use green or pink for - or that she would have drawn clothes over his body, or what shape she'd do his head or that she'd add pupils to the drawing.

This simply is NOT a way they would have done this trick. Impossible.

Except that Teller was standing next to her, handing her the pens and could have been quietly (for want of a better term) "leading" her with subtle suggestions like "Don't forget his shirt?"

As to the shspe of his head, if you're looking straight on at someone through a glass pane and I tell you to draw/trace their features, the shape of their head on the drawing is a pretty forgone conclusion.

This is a variation of what mentalists often do where they have someone draw something that (mostly) matches a prepared drawing.

But I don't know and was offering a potential solution with the qualifier that I was going by memory with no way to check, so...

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