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Originally Posted by cluck View Post
Zoe Lafleur: 12-year-old magician. This young lady had such a strong, confident stage presence (which I've never had, at any age), so kudos to her. The act looked very clean and transparent to me and stumped me completely. In addition to mentioning gambling techniques (?), the code word seemed to be "crimper," but I have no idea what that means. P&T can be a bunch of heartless bastards sometimes, but it would be cool if she comes back to perform in the future.
I'm not sure that this is the solution....

I think that the crimping is referring to bending or scratching the card that Penn chooses in some way so that it stands out, visually.

For gambling techniques, I think that there are two:

1) Card counting. She's keeping track of how deep the card is, roughly, after Penn inserts it back into the deck and uses that count to move it to roughly where it needs to be for the finale.
2) Double-dealing. When counting to ten, she pulls off more than 1 card at a time, to dig down and get to the target - which she can see, from the crimp.