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Originally Posted by casdave View Post
You can argue the merits or otherwise of Brexit all you want - but this has been done to death in other threads already - the OP isn't asking about the ins and outs of Brexit as such, more they are interested in Boris and his approach to the issue and an evaluation of how it is perceived to be going.

Originally Posted by AK84 View Post
...Actually, the UK did very well when Churhcill stuck to speeches and let the professionals run the country. Attlee and Bevan for domestic matters, Attlee for colonial affairs and Alan Brooke and the rest ran the war....
This is a gross oversimplification, if not misreading, of history. Churchill was as hands-on a PM as he could possibly be. Attlee had no particular colonial affairs responsibilities during WWII, and [Aneurin] Bevan was not in the Cabinet then - did you mean [Ernest] Bevin?

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