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I enjoyed his Worldwar series (WW2 is happening pretty much as we all recall it, until the aliens arrived) despite the one utter absurdity of the premise: the aliens had sent a probe to Earth a thousand or so years ago, seen that we would be no match for them, assumed human society would change as slowly as theirs did.... and sent a slower-than-light invasion force to take over, not getting any additional intel along the way. Hella shock for the aliens, to see how much we'd evolved technologically speaking, that we were not much behind them, and that we were not gonna take it lying down.

I read a standalone (I hope!!!) tale a couple weeks ago, called Hail! Hail! Premise: the Marx brothers get zapped back into 1826 Texas at the beginning of the Fredonian Rebellion. Don't waste your time.

I don't mind that he includes real historical people: they would have been present in the world already at the point of diversion from our timeline, and if they were known in our history texts, they would probably be pretty active even after the POD.