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Originally Posted by naita View Post
Anyone also read Guy Gavriel Kay's "real history inspired" novels? Such as Sailing to Sarantium or The Lions of Al-Rassan?

Not looking to derail, mind you, just curious how readers of both Kay and Turtledove would judge Turtledove in comparison.
Kay is my favorite writer in the English language. His words make me cry. My absolute favorite of his is "Tigana", which is set in a Renaissance Italy-cognate. A wizard sets out to conquer a country, and in the process, his son is killed in the war, and the wizard gets his revenge by conquering the enemy, wiping it off the face of the earth, and then putting a curse on the nation so that nobody remembers that the country ever existed, except for its former inhabitants. But the book goes further, in that the wizard is not an all-black villain, but has his moments. Even a girl from Tigana, who has set out to assassinate him, falls in love with him.