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Marcus Eddie fooled them last night with a clever move. I believe he was holding the deck outside the box, hidden by the open lid when seen head on. Looked very much that way when I saw and I expected the deck to appear in the box, P&T probably didn't get quite as good a look. My guess is the deck is in an inner box that fits into the outer box that is shown. That outer box is open on the back side. One side of the inner box is white on the outside, when it is held outside the box behind the lid it forms the missing side of the outer box. He just has to push the inner box into the outer box and it looks like a full box of cards.

Kevin Li fooled them but his trick was not impressive. Obviously Alyson is reading the phrases someplace. The cards looked pretty ordinary, he wasn't palming cards as Penn guessed, he said there was nothing up his sleeve, so maybe the phrases could be seen on displayed on his clothing somehow, or maybe it is even revealed in the drink. Anyway, it doesn't seem like a good presentation to me, nothing distracts from the basic method of hidden text that the subject reads.

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