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Fifty-star US flags in anything set before 1959. Larry Hagman had one in his office in The Eagle Has Landed, and all of a sudden I wasn't in World War II any more. (Even worse, but on TV and not in a movie, there was one in Margot Kidder's bar in the James Garner series Nichols, set around 1914.)

Anachronistic technology, like a young George Patton riding an M3 Stuart 40 years before they were developed. Also, things like Shermans being substituted for Panthers with only a coat of paint used to disguise them.

Actors doing either bad or totally inappropriate accents. (This does not apply to Brits or Americans playing ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, et cetera, since we know everything is in translation anyway.)

Corollary to the above: bad translations of foreign dialogue, sometimes done for more "dramatic" effect (like "I am the sword of Almighty God" instead of "I'm your worst nightmare").

I know that bird calls can completely ruin the illusion of being in another land and/or time for those familiar with them. So can inappropriate music, dialogue, costuming, props and so on (like seeing white sugar cubes served with tea in Pirates of the Caribbean).
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