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A few thoughts on this thread:

I was the person quoted in the OP. I feel famous
As it turned out while I didn't dislike In Darkest Europe, it didn't feel like it lived up to its interesting premise.

I find HT very readable. I like his writing style where you get little vignettes that often jump perspective but he does sometimes get repetitive which can be frustrating for the reader.

To the person who started How Few Remain and is getting scared off, I would suggest you continue with the Great War books. They are good reads and WWI is an underutilized setting in any fiction these days.

If you want to try a HT book that is very different, I would suggest The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump.

P.S. It might be helpful to get more traffic to this thread to mention Turtledove in the subject. That way people who read his fiction would know it is something they may be interested in.