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Originally Posted by Uncle Jocko View Post
Hey, hey, let’s not tar all the residents of Iowa with that filthy Steve King brush. His district is western and northwestern Iowa, more like eastern Nebraska and southeastern South Dakota than (most of) the rest of the state. Why, last November we happily kicked two other Republican congressmen to the curb, giving us three Democratic Representatives (and two of them women!) to make up for Slimy Steve.

There are plenty of “deplorables” in Iowa happy to vote for Trump/King/whoever’s the GOP candidate, but we’ve got some decent folk around here, too.
Yep. Mr. King represents my hometown, and I've noticed the defense of him by friends, family, and neighbors has become more sparse every time he opens his mouth. It doesn't help his cause when certain people are happy to point out how he's doing exactly nothing for his constituents except happily screwing them over.

Last I checked, he has three separate challengers for the Republican nomination - almost no one in his district likes him, but he's better than a dirty Democrat. If his challengers manage to not split the vote, he hopefully won't even make it to the general campaign. That would make this Iowa ex-pat VERY happy.