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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
Alright, we're moving along too slowly this year and I may have to start enforcing a timer.
A little public shaming is always fun...

1.01 Petey - submitted the first overall pick early to a commissioner, A+
1.02 Beef - 2.5 hours, solid A
1.03 Justin - 8 hours, but it was overnight (2:30am to 10:30am) so I'm going B+
1.04 Overly - 15 hours. The delay included a big trade, but still: D-
1.05 Justin - 21 hours. Delay included a big trade, but still: F
1.06 Omni - 3 minutes. A+
1.07 Gaffer - 10.5 hours, but it was overnight (10:30pm to 9am) so a solid B
1.08 Retro - 8 hours, C
1.09 RNATB - been on the clock 15 hours and counting: F

This is going poorly so far, with the notable exceptions of Petey and Omni whose timely picks have been our only saving grace.

I get that Justin has reshaped his entire draft, but 29 hours for his two picks alone is brutal. (He only has 1 more pick to make, meaning the best he can hope for is averaging 10 hours per pick. Ouch.)

Retro and RNATB have hurt us by going extra slow right when slowness was starting to become a problem.

So far, we have been averaging 10 hours per pick, which is terrible.