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Back in 2008, I was in the local shelter and spotted a solid black kitty with the most amazing blue-green eyes. He was already 7 years old, and had been in the shelter for several months. He was the favorite of all the shelter staff, who celebrated his adoption.

Paris was the Best. Cat. Ever. He was so smart and playful and affectionate... except with my other cat. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with her, except occasionally beating the crap out of her.

Life went on until about two years ago, when I notice that he'd lost a lot of weight and his abdomen was swollen. Turned out, he had cancer in several organs, starting with his pancreas. My vet referred my to an oncologist, who said chemo would keep him alive for a month, maybe two, plus I had to give him three pills a day. So he had the chemo, and suffered no ill effects from it. He was still as playful and affectionate as ever, and had no idea he was sick, so I brought him back a month later for more chemo. And a month later. Every time she saw him, the oncologist was amazed that he was still alive. Ultimately, the chemo kept him alive and happy for 11 months, until he finally succumbed to the cancer. I miss him every day.