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UBI in the US (from the Andrew Yang thread in Elections)

In the Andrew Yang thread in Elections, ralfy is asking some questions that seem more suited to a debate. I'm starting a thread for anyone to discuss his questions or more generally UBI in the US or perhaps Andrew Yang's plan for UBI.

There is a thread that was started already in Great Debated for Andrew Yang's UBI a while ago which I'll link. Andrew Yang's UBI proposal

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This is not UBI. It does not resemble Andrew Yang's plan. The original article that this piece in the Washington Examiner came from had "universal basic income" in quotes. It's not universal. The study gave $1K a month for 6 months to "20 low-income black single mothers living in public housing." The criticism was that they didn't use their money wisely in the first couple months. But even in that study, in a few months, there were some positive outcomes from the original article in The Washington Post here.

Soon, Johnson said, the women began sharing small victories. One woman used the extra money to take time off and finish community college. Some sent their children to day camp. One woman filled her gas tank to drive her children to see their grandfather in Pennsylvania. The children had never met him.

At the end of six months, none of the women reported using an emergency lender. Nearly all said they had enough money to buy school supplies, when fewer than half had said that before. They reported cooking more balanced meals, visiting the doctor and attending church more often.

“The beauty of all of this has just been how folks are light,” Nyandoro said. “They aren’t walking around with the heaviness of life that, unfortunately, so many times low-income folks have to carry.”
Paget Kagy, a Yang Gang youtuber, has a nice analysis of these articles in this video. (at minute 10:35)

If anyone is interested in more UBI studies, Yang has many listed on his Yang 2020 site in The Freedom Dividend defined. And Scott Santens has a wealth of information on his Reddit sub on the subject.
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Thanks for sharing that. I shared the article because I'm not a Post subscriber.

I want to know if it's possible to establish whether the UBI will work before implementing it (which should the case for any project of such magnitude), and whether it has been implemented in other countries, and what the results were. My reading is that because what took place in Mississippi isn't really UBI, then it should be ignored, but because there were also positive outcomes, it should?

Finally, FWIW, I like the idea of UBI.